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Arab Fashion is growing in the world tremendously, and some brands know how to Muslim’s female fashion with decent manners. Firstly, Chanel and now DKNY – it seems that “Muslim Fashion” is becoming a thing in 2014. American designer label DKNY is making waves with a new Ramadan capsule collection. Secondly, this comes barely months after a cruise collection by Chanel. Muslims and Arabs fashion are quite different with other countries and religion. They mostly cover up their bodies in specific manner. Moreover Arab females are cute and scarf is common practice in Arab. After this, they use Abaya and we have many styles of Abaya.

However, DKNY’s Ramadan collection is available exclusively at their Middle East stores. And the looks are pure DKNY: simple, elegant and striking. What’s different is that this collection is conspicuously conservative. While it may not pass the stringent criteria set by the most orthodox, the full sleeves and long hemlines are perfect for Muslim women who want to combine modesty with style. However, Arab Jeans is also common but on long shirts.

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The collection includes skirts, jumpsuits, pants and long-sleeved and three-quarter-length jackets and shirts. Furthermore, the result is a look that is conservative yet cosmopolitan, relaxed yet stylish fashion editor of Styles Magazine. What has changed in recent years is that designers have woken up to fact that Muslim women want more fashionable choices that respect their religious sensitivities. Finally, The world’s biggest design houses have long been fully alive to the lucrative potential of the Middle-East market. Malls in Qatar and Saudi Arabia are like a who’s who of the fashion world. Girls of arab likes fashion and traditionally arabic dresses. Abaya and Scarf are using for many years in arab culture.


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