Shia Chat Rooms

Shia Chat Rooms

Welcome to Shia Chat Rooms, Shia and Sunni these are two big faith in muslim community. But in Pakistan, KSA, Dubai most of Sunni people lives. Iran has the largest Shia majority, with more than 66 million making up nearly 90% of the population. On the other hand Iran, Iraq, Libya, Yemen and Bahrain are most populated with Shia Muslims. While most Muslims globally are Sunni, a handful of countries have Shia majorities or pluralities.

This room is basically design for Shia community but its does not mean no other community is not allowed. However, its great place for searching new people around the world. You can find your shia match here easily because its Pakistani chat where tons of shia people comes daily. Good thing is that Shia and Sunni both chat together in online chat rooms without any trouble great atmosphere and without registration chatting room. However, Sunni and Shia culture is little bit different according to their religion. But they both live together and respect each others.

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Shia Girls Chat Rooms in Pakistan

Moreover, Shia people comes from Iran, Iraq, India and Lebanon. Its great time consuming activity to chat with many different cultures and good for learning new things about countries. In fact, if you are interested to learn new language chatting is best way to learn quickly because native speaker is best option for learning any language with accent.
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